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Batavia High School placed on lockdown following unfounded report of gunshots

Batavia High School | Google Maps

Batavia High School was put on a temporary lockdown Thursday after gunfire was reported near the west suburban school, but no evidence of a shooting was found.

About 2:13 p.m., someone reported to police they heard gunfire near the 1100 block of West Wilson Street, according to a statement from Batavia police.

Batavia High School, which is located about a half mile from the area of the reported gunshots at 1200 Main Street, was put on lockdown, police said. After officers combed the area and found no evidence of shots being fired the lockdown was lifted.

Police said construction in the area of the caller’s house may have been mistaken for gunfire. No one, including school staff members who were outside at the time of the call, said they heard gunshots, police said.