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Daily Herald: Lake Zurich denies stubborn Fremd

Fremd's Andrew Saxe tries to get away from Lake Zurich's Vinnie Panico. Steve Lundy/

It would seem that defensive touchdowns are way easier to dream of than to actually get in reality.

Star linebacker Luke Dwyer has made his mark many, many times over for the Lake Zurich defense, and he’s parlayed that stellar play into a scholarship to FCS powerhouse and defending national champion North Dakota State.

But one thing that Dwyer had only been able to dream of was a defensive touchdown. Until Friday night, that is.

Dwyer closed the door on a tight season opener against visiting Fremd when he picked off a pass in Fremd’s final attempts to tie the game and returned the interception about 65 yards for a 20-7 Lake Zurich victory in a persistent misting rain that kept the field and ball wet and slippery.

“I’ve been dreaming about that play for the longest time,” Dwyer said. “I got it and I didn’t even really believe I had the ball at first. I was like, ‘Just run!’ There was no way I was going to get caught. I just had to score.”

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