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George Papadopoulos will honor plea bargain with Mueller legal team, says wife

George Papadopoulos and his wife, Simona | Facebook

Chicagoan George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign foreign policy advisor, will not pull out of the plea deal he made with special counsel Robert Mueller, his wife said Wednesday.

In recent weeks, Papadopoulos’ wife, Simona, has suggested in interviews that her husband was framed and should withdraw his guilty plea.

Last October, Papadopoulos admitted to one count of lying to the FBI about his contacts with a Russian-related operative.

Papadopoulos “will take responsibility for some inaccuracies during the interview with the FBI,” his wife Simona told ABC News.

Raised in Lincolnwood and a graduate of Niles West High School and DePaul Univesity, Papadopoulos and his wife are North Side residents.

Papadopoulous will be sentenced on Sept. 7 in a Washington D.C. federal courtroom.

“I hope though that the judge will take into account the irrelevance of those ‘inaccuracies’ ” during the September 7 sentencing, Simona told ABC News.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this month that Papadopoulos’ lawyers, Thomas Breen and Robert Stanley, will tell a judge in their sentencing memorandum due on Friday that Papadopoulos should not get any prison time for his “mistakes of judgment.”

Breen and Stanley told the Sun-Times that “the court has broad discretion in deciding what an appropriate sentence is for a particular case. Under federal sentencing laws, George is eligible to receive a sentence of probation or time served.

“It is our position that a non-custodial sentence is warranted.”

Mueller’s prosecutors said in their sentencing memo earlier this month that Papadopoulos should not be sentenced to more than six months. A defendant in a similar Mueller case – charged with one count of lying to the FBI – received only 30 days.