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Thousands of Cook County homeowners to receive property tax refunds

Sun-Times file photo

About $19.5 million will soon go out to thousands of Cook County homeowners in a massive tax refund after new legislation went into effect this month.

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas’ office said it expects to send detailed letters by Aug. 9 explaining the refunds to the 53,000 homeowners who are affected. Residents will not need to fill out any paperwork, Pappas’ office said.

The reimbursements come after the Illinois General Assembly last year increased existing tax exemptions for homeowners and senior citizens. For thousands of homeowners, the exemptions eliminated any balance due Aug. 1 and created the refunds for payments made this year.

About 36,000 residents — those who paid their taxes by check or online — will receive a credit to their bank or credit card accounts by Aug. 15. Checks will be mailed by Oct. 15 to 15,000 people who paid property taxes through a bank or mortgage escrow account. About 2,000 others who paid their taxes in cash will be mailed a refund by Aug. 15.

Homeowners looking to find out if they’re eligible for a refund can visit, select “Your Property Overview” and enter a property address or Property Index Number (PIN).