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Trump doesn’t speak ‘American.’ He speaks ‘Bully’

President Donald Trump | AP Photo/Alex Brandon

“Donald Trump speaks American,” writes Phil Kadner, who needs to get his ears checked.

Donald Trump doesn’t speak American and never has. He speaks Bully.

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Trump spoke Bully from the very start when he picked on immigrants, blaming them for all our problems. He spoke Bully at every campaign rally, telling his fans to knock the heck out of protesters. And he spoke Bully when he became president, picking fights with our allies and threatening nuclear war with our enemies.

The good news is that it is in our American character to hate bullies as much as we love freedom. Most of us who speak American as a first, second, or third language don’t buy Bully talk from Trump or anyone else.

Kadner needs to visit other bars, workplaces, and gatherings where there are people who wouldn’t look or feel right at a Trump rally hang out. If he listens closely, even to the quietest voices, he will hear a clearer strain of American spoken that appeals to our highest aspirations, not our darkest fears.

Tom Golz, Avondale

Stricter guns sales better than nothing

More stringent safeguards on gun sales could reduce the access to guns that contributes to street shootings, so they ought to be adopted. Better than nothing.

All the same, headline-grabbing mass shootings will continue because most are committed by unstable individuals who are not yet on any “don’t sell” list. They, therefore, remain eligible to buy a gun. This is the second flaw in the Supreme Court’s approval of private gun ownership. As if schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. aren’t rampant among us, as reconfirmed after most shooting tragedies.

The Supreme Court’s first flaw was to pretend that legitimate militias still exist state-by-state as they did in 1776. In reality, the only “militias” today are extremists whom the FBI keeps an eye on. Today, we have a standing army to protect our nation, not militias.

Until we face the fact that not all of us are sane enough to have open access to guns, and that it is usually impossible to identify crazies until they start shooting, keeping guns out of private hands is the only reliable safeguard.

Ted Z. Manuel Hyde Park