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Tom Hanks declares Rosebud’s baked ziti the best he’s had

Actor Tom Hanks gives props to Rosebud in Little Italy. | Provided photo

Table for Tom . . .

Pass the baked ziti, per favore!

Tom Hanks did it his way.

• To wit: Actor Tom Hanks dined at Alex Dana’s Rosebud eatery in Little Italy last Saturday night and couldn’t get enough of the baked ziti.

“I have never had a better baked ziti. You guys have set the bar for all else to follow,” quipped Hanks as he shook hands and smiled for pix with guests.


Hanks sat at the Frank Sinatra table and pointed to a spot on the wall for his photo with General Manager Louis Folinazzo to be showcased.

“Put me up there next to Sinatra!”