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Mother of murdered twins mourns her ‘twinkies,’ calls ex-husband ‘coward’

Addison and Mason Sanders smile on a sunny day at Wrigley Field. | Facebook

The mother of the twins killed in a murder-suicide in West Rogers Park earlier this week called her ex-husband a “coward” for shooting their children.

Derrick Sanders shot his 10-year-old twins, Addison and Mason, in the back of their heads Monday morning. He then shot himself in the face.

Nicki Derr Sanders, Derrick’s ex-wife, was the mother of the children, who primarily lived with her.

In a statement she released on Friday, Derr Sanders said she has been “thrust into a moment” she hopes no parent has to face.

“(My twins) were each other’s protector,” she said in the statement. “I never thought in a million years that they would need to be protected from the man who was supposed to be their father.

I will not give this coward anymore media attention, other than to say

his actions toward me were always deceptive and there never was any indication on what would ultimately change not just my life but an entire community forever. This is not about him. It is about my two innocent angels.”

Calling them her “twinkies,” Derr Sanders described her twins as “the light” of her life, recalling their laughter, funny stories, dance parties and love of life. She vowed not to “close their book” and to keep their memories alive.

Derr Sanders’ friend, Amy Palmer-Walters, created a GoFundMe to support Sanders in her time of grief.

As of Friday evening, 450 people have donated to raise $26,500 of Palmer-Walters’ $30,000 goal.