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Non-toxic shot: Updating requirements at Illinois public sites

Hunters at public sites should be aware of some tweaks to non-toxic shot requirements.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

Just in time for the real start of hunting in Illinois, here are some updates and tweaks on non-toxic shot requirements at Illinois public sites. Dove hunting and early Canada goose seasons open Saturday.

Here are the updates from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:

Non-toxic Shot Requirements in Effect at Additional Illinois Hunting Sites for 2018-19 Dove, Controlled Pheasant and Upland Hunting Seasons

SPRINGFIELD, IL – As they head to the field this fall, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) reminds hunters of new requirements for use of non-toxic shot at a number of IDNR sites for dove, controlled pheasant, and upland game hunting, effective for the 2018-19 season.

Many IDNR sites have required use of non-toxic shot in recent years. Lead shot has been banned for waterfowl hunting by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1991. Non-toxic shot is required for use at all IDNR sites for hunting waterfowl, coots, snipe, and rail.

The 2018-19 Illinois Dove Hunting Season opens on Sept. 1. IDNR is implementing the required use of non-toxic shot during dove hunting season at these IDNR sites this year:

Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area (SFWA);

Copperhead Hollow SFWA;

Crawford County SFWA;

Dixon Springs State Park;

Edward R. Madigan SFWA;

Harry Babe Woodyard State Natural Area (SNA);

Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA;

Kickapoo SRA;

Lake Le-Aqua-Na SRA;

Middle Fork SFWA;

Pere Marquette State Park;

Ramsey Lake State Park;

Ray Norbut SFWA;

Shelbyville SFWA;

Siloam Springs State Park;

Siloam Springs SP/Buckhorn Unit;

Weinberg-King State Park.

IDNR is implementing the required use of non-toxic shot for Controlled Pheasant Hunting at five additional sites this year:

Des Plaines SFWA;

Horseshoe Lake State Park (Madison Co);

Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA;

Silver Springs SFWA;

Mackinaw River SFWA.

IDNR is also implement the required use of non-toxic shot for Upland Hunting seasons at a number of additional sites this year:

Anderson Lake SFWA;

Banner Marsh SFWA;

Big Bend SNA;

Bradford Pheasant Habitat Area (PHA);

Crawford Co. SFWA;

Cretaceous Hills SNA;

Double T SFWA;

Horseshoe Lake State Park (Madison Co.);

Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA;

Mackinaw SFWA;

Marshall SFWA;

Mautino SFWA;

Sam Parr SFWA;

Sand Ridge State Forest/Sparks Pond and Rollo;

Sanganois SFWA;

Victoria PHA;

Whitefield PHA.

IDNR reminds hunters to check Hunter Fact Sheets posted on the IDNR website for information on site-specific hunting season information and regulations, as other sites not listed above require non-toxic shot:

Additional information on hunting regulations in Illinois can be found in the Illinois Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations 2018-2019: