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Trump should back a steadily increasing carbon fee on fossil fuels

Cars on the Grand Central Parkway pass LaGuardia Airport in New York. The Trump administration has proposed rolling back tougher Obama-era gas mileage requirements that are set to take effect after 2020. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

That the “Trump team wants to roll back Obama-era mileage standards” [Aug. 2] comes as no surprise. Republicans, like many of us, hate regulatory approaches to problem-solving. If Trump wanted an option smarter than lowering fuel standards, he would implement a steadily increasing carbon fee on fossil fuel emissions as a solution to cleaner air and the climate change crisis.

And since people hate taxes, the carbon “fee” would be returned to every household on a regular basis to offset higher fossil fuel costs. In five to 10 years, green energy sources would become cheaper than fossil fuels. Consumers would maintain freedom of choice, but would opt for more efficient vehicles as the savings opportunity becomes more significant. So there would be no need for strict fuel economy standards. The real problem we have is that Trump, at our peril, continues to ignore the science on climate change. As a result, we get no solution for either cleaner air or global warming.

Andy Panelli. Homer Glen

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Dealing with monsters

I read your editorial against the death penalty and I have one thing to say: John Wayne Gacy. A monster who raped and slaughtered at least 33 young men and children. Who, when he was sentenced to death, turned and smiled at his victims’ families as if he didn’t care. He was allowed to paint and to sell his paintings while in prison awaiting his execution. What do you do with monsters like that?

Lawrence Bower, Vernon Hills

Why is it taking so long?

A capsule was built in the 1960s and flew to the moon. Why is it taking Boeing so long to duplicate a feat accomplished with much less computing power and technology?

Warren Rodgers, Matteson

Misplaced priorities

In 1776 Patrick Henry declared, “Give me liberty or give me death,” and every signer of the Declaration of Independence knew that they would be hanged should their revolt fail.

Now just 250 years later, 41,000 rabid fans fill Wrigley Field to the brim to watch a last-place ball club defeat their beloved Cubs handily, while a few hundred protesters watch behind police barriers at the conclusion of their protest against violence.

I guess anyone can pretty much tell where 2018’s priorities really are.

Bruce Sutchar, Hanover Park

Report the shooters

Regarding the protest that shut down Lake Shore Drive, in my humble opinion it was a bust. They accomplished nothing, only inconveniencing innocent, unsuspecting motorists. If they truly want to stop crime and killing within their communities, they must report the perpetrators to law enforcement. It can be done anonymously, since fear of retaliation silences honest citizens.

Demonstrations and protests are not the answer. Law enforcement can’t solve their problems without their help. Those residents must report the gun-toting hoodlums terrorizing their neighborhoods if they are truly seeking justice and change. Unless that happens, no protests will accomplish anything. The manpower and dollars spent on the protesters could have been better spent fighting crime within their communities, with their help.

Bob Pritchard, Homer Glen