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Cubs’ Joe Maddon: 7-10 years right amount for one job in one place

Cubs manager Joe Maddon talks with the media prior to a game against the Indians at Progressive Field on April 24. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Joe Maddon’s former boss might be approaching the end of his run. It’s a run Maddon doesn’t envision himself or others replicating.

Mike Scioscia, who called reports he’s leaving the Angels at the end of the season “poppycock,” is four months into his 19th campaign managing the team and finishing a 10-year, $50 million deal. Maddon was asked whether he can see himself or anybody else lasting that long in one spot.

Maddon, who’s in the fourth year of a five-year deal, said “it’s hard to imagine that.”

“I’ve always thought 7-10 years was the right amount of time to do one job in one place, and then you can do another job in that place,” Maddon said. “Like if you elevate from bench coach to manager, as an example. Or hitting coach to bench coach, whatever you want to call it.

“But to do the same thing for that long, for me it would be difficult, quite frankly. There’s a mental shelf life involved with something like that. I think you want to be challenged.”

Since Scioscia was hired, Maddon has been in three organizations, as the bench coach with the Angels and manager for the Rays and Cubs.


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“That’s why the run from the bench coach with the Angels to the manager of the Rays was really important to me at that point for my development, because you do this other job in a rote matter because you’ve done it, done it, done it and you don’t really have this opportunity to test your thoughts or ideas because you’re not making the final decision,” Maddon said. “Then you need to get to the point where you make the final decision, and then now you’re carrying your baby opposed to holding somebody else’s.”

So will Maddon ask Theo Epstein for a 10-year deal such as the one Scioscia got?

“No, I would never, nope,” Maddon said. “I don’t think that would be appropriate.”

What do Yu know?

Maddon had good news on Yu Darvish, who threw a 55-pitch bullpen session Saturday.

Maddon said he didn’t know whether the next step would be in the bullpen or on the mound, but “it’s trending in the right direction.”

“He’s doing good,” Maddon said. “We’re in the process of talking about what we’re going to do with him in Kansas City, but he’s doing really well.”


Pedro Strop sounded honored the Cubs would dedicate a theme trip to him and his style.

“First of all, I’m really appreciate the stuff they’re doing for me. I’m so happy to see that they can put it together,” said Strop, who added the best outfit he had seen belonged to Steve Cishek. “I’m seeing really good outfits so far and looking forward to seeing some more.”

Maddon said his ensemble wouldn’t be complete because the Egyptian snake gold necklace he ordered didn’t arrive in time, but he still thought the theme trip was worthwhile.

“You’re playing these really, pretty difficult games, and it’s a tight race,” Maddon said. “So you start losing your mind a little bit. So relax, play baseball, have some fun with it. And I’m sure we’ll play a better brand at that point.”