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Reggie Theus wants Bulls fans to thank him for Michael Jordan

Reggie Theus told TMZ that he wants Bulls fans to realize he's the reason Michael Jordan came to Chicago. | Courtesy of AP/Getty Images

Michael Jordan is the most decorated and praised NBA legend to ever put on a Bulls uniform and now, former NBA guard Reggie Theus wants recognition for his part for bringing the GOAT to Chicago.

Theus told TMZ that if him and the 1983-84 Bulls team weren’t as bad as they were, the ’90s Bulls might not have ever happened.

“I take a lot of credit for their success,” Theus said while leaving the Los Angeles airport. “Because, if we weren’t so bad, they would have never gotten Michael Jordan.

Before the Jordan generation, there was the Artis Gilmore and Theus era.

For seven seasons, the Bulls struggled to chalk up wins and only managed to make it to the playoffs twice. When the Bulls traded Gilmore to the San Antonio Spurs before the 1982-83 season, the Bulls tried to build an offense anchored around Theus.

But that didn’t last. The Bulls finished those two losing seasons with a 55-109 overall record.

The Bulls down seasons made way for a high draft pick. And that’s where we welcome the No. 3 pick of the 1984 NBA Draft.

MJ led the Bulls to three consecutive NBA titles on two occasions. He was also named a six-time NBA Finals MVP and was a five-time league MVP. And well, you know the rest.

So maybe Theus does deserve to cash in on the Bulls success?

“I’m looking for a check actually,” Theus said.