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Keeping politicians honest: Sun-Times, BGA strike deal to fact-check claims

Video by Julia Dourgarian

The most important Illinois election season in a generation is under way, and two of the state’s leading newsrooms are joining forces to help voters separate fact from fiction.

Beginning this month, the Chicago-based, non-partisan government watchdog Better Government Association — the Illinois affiliate of PolitiFact, a Pulitzer-Prize winning fact-checking project — will publish its PolitiFact work exclusively with the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Better Government Association runs PolitiFact Illinois, the local arm of the nationally renowned, Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking enterprise that rates the truthfulness of statements made by governmental leaders and politicians. Ahead of the historic 2018 elections, BGA’s fact-checking service is teaming up weekly with the Sun-Times, online and in print.

The fact-checks, which hold politicians and government officials accountable for what they say, will appear weekly on the Sun-Times website and in the Sun-Times newspaper. As part of the collaboration, the Sun-Times and BGA will co-produce online videos, optimized for social media platforms.

Head here to find the PolitiFact stories the BGA and Sun-Times have reported so far >

The two newsrooms will also coordinate on community engagement efforts to get voters involved.

This partnership exemplifies what’s required to succeed in the evolving media landscape: an eye toward collaboration, and an understanding that innovation requires shared commitment and investment.

“The BGA’s PolitiFact work is one part of our mission of fighting for transparency, efficiency and accountability in government. This partnership with the Sun-Times and its vigilant and hard working newsroom will expand the reach and impact of all our work,” said David Greising, president and CEO of the BGA.


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