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Seahawks coach: Ex-Bears WR Brandon Marshall one of best ever at his position

Seahawks wide receiver Brandon Marshall, left, hauls in a touchdown pass Sunday. | David Zalubowski/ AP Photo

Off a Seahawks debut in which he caught three passes for 46 yards and a touchdown, receiver Brandon Marshall will return to Soldier Field on Monday for the first time since the Bears traded him in March 2015.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Marshall has brought “experience and toughness and playmaking that everybody loves to have in a big receiver.”

Carroll said the Seahawks had first talked to Marshall eight years ago and had since watched him carefully. They had a good sense of what they were getting in him.

“Yeah, he does have a big personality,” Carroll said. “He has been through a lot. One of the best players to ever play in the league at his position. So you always wonder.

“But we just watched who he is and how he handles himself and how hard he works and how open he has been to work with young players and open to being coached, and he’s been great. It has been a very successful start to our relationship.”