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Joe Biden drops huge tip at Rush Street restaurant

The former vice president, Joe Biden, dined at Rosebud on Rush last week. | Alex Dana/Provided photo

A bite of Biden . . .

Former veep Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s BFF, and wife, Jill, tiptoed from the swank Peninsula Hotel to dine at Alex Dana’s nearby Rosebud on Rush for a late dinner Tuesday night.

Biden ordered spaghetti and meatballs.

Jill had fish.

Dana insisted on picking up the tab.

“No!” said Biden, who finally assented — but insisted on leaving a tip.

Biden, who carried no cash, also persisted on being taken to a nearby ATM!

That said, Biden was personally escorted to the nearest cash machine and left a hefty tip.

“How much?” inquired Sneed.

“The size of an extremely large meatball,” chirped Dana.

(Pssst! Sneed found out later the tip was $100 smackers.)


Not bad for an extremely large meatball and a little fish.