Columnist Neil Steinberg coins perfect word for Trump: luftschlossmoddermüde

SHARE Columnist Neil Steinberg coins perfect word for Trump: luftschlossmoddermüde

President Donald Trump at a rally Aug. 24 in Charleston, West Virginia. | Alex Brandon/AP

I opened my Sun-Times up, after having been on vacation at our beautiful vacation home in the paradise of Mexico for two weeks. On Page 2, lo and behold, Neil Steinberg’s column was a witty and well-expressed definition of how to express feelings about Trump (“Hate Donald Trump? No way; it’s more a sense of . . . luftschlossmoddermüde” — Friday).

Even in our beautiful paradise, as I told our Mexican friends, I feel more than “hate” for Trump. I’ve battled with myself about how I feel about Trump. I have tried very hard to not hate him, which has tested my idea of accepting all humanity.

I’ve said on occasion, for lack of any other word to express it, that I hate Trump! Now I have the perfect word to use: “luftschlossmoddermüde.” I’m “tired of the filth being flung by an egomaniac.”

Thank you, Neil Steinberg, for alleviating the problem I’ve felt on saying how I feel about Trump. You’ve given me the perfect word!

Melanie Lee, Lake View

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GOP — Party of Trump

Thank God for the “free press” and brilliant writers like Gene Lyons to showcase the breakdown of the GOP as the party of Trump (“President Donald Trump, the strongman the GOP always wanted” — Aug. 24).

Lyons shows unabashedly how Republicans cower on Trump’s blatant attempt to run an authoritarian presidency, bereft of the rule of law.

Carol A. Schuberth, Ashburn

Respect for Sen. McCain

I did not vote for John McCain, nor was I particularly in agreement with his political positions on a number of issues, but one has to respect him for the service he performed to his country.

He served his country above and beyond during the Vietnam War, both as a pilot and a long time prisoner of war.

Upon his return, he continued to serve his country as a long time senator from the state of Arizona. I find it hard to doubt his sincerity in his beliefs.

I would hope that now with his passing, President Trump would offer respect rather than his insulting remarks previously addressed to the senator. Furthermore, I would hope that those individuals who are showing their gross ignorance and lack of respect for Sen. McCain on the internet stop it.

Trump has professed to be a lover of America and the military. No matter what your personal politics are, if you truly are a patriot and lover of this country, show that by giving Sen. McCain the proper respect he has earned and deserves.

Daniel Pupo, Orland Park

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