Jon Burge never paid the full price for ‘masterminding’ Chicago police torture

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Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge has died. | AP Photo by Charles Rex Arbogast

I was sad to learn of Jon Burge’s passing today. Not because I think he was a good man, although John Conroy, the man perhaps most responsible for Burge’s public disgrace, once admitted that despite knowing what Burge had done, he found him to be “likable.”

Rather, I am sad because I don’t believe Burge was ever truly held accountable for the harm he caused this world, and now he never will be. Sure, he lost his job and was eventually convicted of perjury and sentenced to 4-1/2 years in prison for it. But that occurred more than 15 years after it was plain to anyone who cared to know that he had presided over the systematic torture of dozens of detainees at Area 2 police headquarters — and even after serving his time, he kept his pension!

Think about it: Burge masterminded the full-blown torture of U.S. citizens, within the City of Chicago, and for years we all just shrugged our collective shoulders. When he died, a former FOP president reportedly stated that Burge didn’t get “a fair shake,” and current FOP leadership suggested that the full story of Jon Burge is not yet known. Maybe so, although I doubt it.

Regardless, if there is more to know about Jon Burge, I’m not interested. Now that he’s gone, we would all do well to pay more attention to — and endeavor to help — his many victims.

Brandon Clark, Logan Square

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