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New Lincoln Yards rendering replaces stadium, music venues with park space

This updated rendering of Sterling Bay's Lincoln Yards development forgoes the soccer stadium and entertainment district for more park space. | Sterling Bay

Sterling Bay has revised the renderings for its Lincoln Yards development, forgoing the 20,000-seat soccer stadium and LiveNation music venues for more park space and sports fields.

The new plan was released Saturday after Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) shut down those two major elements of the project and demanded the area be “repurposed as an open and recreational space.”

Part of the changes includes 6.2 acres of park space instead of the initial 3.6 acres, a move that is expected to be popular with Hopkins’ constituents, who lack parks.

“This increase in park space will allow for expanded programming, increased flexibility for youth and adult recreational activities, and a wider variety of potential fields for sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis, among others,” Sterling Bay said in its Saturday release.

In addition to the increased park space, Sterling Bay said the new layout is more walkable, aiming to “improve connectivity, while continuing to respect local businesses.”

In November, the Hideout and other music venues expressed concerns over the project — especially the now-nixed LiveNation entertainment district — which they believed would drive them out of business.

The plan wasn’t only rubbing local businesses the wrong way. Constituents jam-packed community hearings in opposition of the project, saying thousands of fans attending an event and then leaving at the same time would create a traffic nightmare for those who live in the area.


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