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Sheriff’s deputy accused of sexually assaulting girl granted bail

Luke Hatzipetros | Chicago police

A Cook County sheriff’s deputy accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl was granted bail on Wednesday .

Luke Hatzipetros, 43, was initially held without bail when he first appeared in court last month on charges of criminal sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse.

During a hearing Wednesday, Cook County Judge Mary Marubio ordered him held in lieu of $100,000 and recommended he be placed in the sheriff’s electronic monitoring program should he be able to post bond.

Defense attorney Jonathan Bedi, said his client’s family would be able to post the amount needed for Hatzipetros’ release.

“There is nothing in his background that warrants a no [bail ruling],” Bedi told the judge.

Prosecutors have accused Hatzipetros of inappropriately touching the daughter of his former girlfriend on multiple occasions when he went into her bedroom while the minor was sleeping between Dec. 13 and 14.

Hatzipetros is expected to be arraigned on those charges on Jan. 31, Assistant State’s Attorney Nancee Hofheimer said.

Meanwhile, authorities in Lake County are also investigating a report by the same girl who said Hatzipetros touched her inappropriately at a pool there when she was 12, prosecutors said. A second girl has also come forward to say that Hatzipetros touched her inappropriately at a pool, prosecutors said.

Bedi asked Marubio not to consider those allegations, saying Hatzipetros was not charged with any offense in Lake County and that no one in law enforcement has interviewed him about those allegations.

During the hearing, Hatzipetros stood before the judge at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse wearing a yellow jumpsuit with his hands and legs shackled and connected by heavy chains.

Hatzipetros’ relatives declined comment afterwards. The father and aunt of the alleged victim tied to the criminal case also declined comment.

While awaiting trial, Hatzipetros is barred from contact with anyone under the age of 18 — including family. He was also ordered to turn over his passport, FOID card and any weapons he owns.

The family of the girl has further filed an order of protection against Hatzipetros, which Marubio said would ensure criminal charges if he violated the conditions of his bond.

“The judge made the right ruling today,” Bedi said after court. “I think she understood the weaknesses of the state’s case.”

Bedi said Hatzipetros “emphatically” maintains his innocence and said attorneys representing him will have no trouble showing that the two girls in the case are “habitual liars.”

“It’s going to be easy to show everything they’ve lied about,” Bedi said, declining to elaborate.

The sheriff’s office said Hatzipetros was de-deputized and placed on unpaid leave after charges were brought.