Don’t call Obama Presidential Center an official presidential library

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A rendering of the current design of the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park. | Obama Foundation

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, “Chicago will be the first city in the country to have a neighborhood library in a presidential library.” That would be wonderful, but Chicago will not have a “presidential library.”

As Lynn Sweet reported in May 2017, Mr. Obama opted out of NARA (National Archives and Records Administration). He decided to build a “presidential center.” Mayor Emanuel should correctly state, “President Obama will be the first president in the country not to have a presidential library. In Chicago, children will be unable to buy a $5 Presidential Library Passport or get one stamped, because this city will have no presidential library.”

Charlotte Adelman, Wilmette

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Totally absurd

This is totally absurd. To hold hostage one third of the economy on issues that can be resolved.

Angelo Sturino, Harwood Heights

Doesn’t care

There are numerous examples, the shutdown being the worst of them, that President Donald Trump doesn’t care about the consequences of what he says or does, that he believes his power is beyond incrimination. Because of such traits, Trump’s own admissions in plain sight have put the lie to his endless claims of “no collusion” with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and cohorts over the election as well as money for his business.

Let’s not forget Trump’s curious Oval Office meeting with Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and ambassador Sergey Kislyak on May 10, 2017. Thanks to Russian TV, American media barred, the president and Putin’s emissaries were seen laughing it up over Trump’s firing the day before of FBI director Jim Comey. Trump called Comey “a real nut job” and boasted that he relieved himself of “great pressure” from Comey’s probe into suspected Trump-Russia ties. All this exposed Trump’s collusion, really conspiracy, with Putin and company.

Ed Stone, Northbrook

Ridiculous idea

We need to open the government cleanly. We do not need a wall. U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., has voted no at the expense of the American people and our safety.

The wall is a ridiculous idea. This started under the GOP when they controlled both House and Senate. The Senate voted almost unanimously to open cleanly and the House did not take it up when it was controlled by the GOP. I have not forgotten that. Nobody else will forget it either. Kinzinger is failing to support the American people. He is failing by not holding a town hall. He is a failure by not calling Donald Trump out on his lies. Rep. Kinzinger has failed to be a person of honor and integrity.

Joe Doyle, Morris

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