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Most annoying fans in baseball? White Sox panel says Cubs fans

By Madeline Kenney

And the Crosstown Showdown lives on another day.

At the kids-only press conference at SoxFest on Saturday, Nicky Delmonico gave the answer every White Sox fan in attendance wanted to hear.

Asked by a young fan which fanbase was the most annoying, Delmonico immediately said: “Cubs fans.”

His answer received a stamp of approval from the audience, who cheered loudly.

The rest of the panel, which consisted of Tim Anderson, Yolmer Sanchez and Adam Engel, agreed.

“That’s the answer right there,” Sanchez joined in.

“I feel the same way,” Anderson said.

“Yeah, I’m the same way,” Engel concluded.

Though the Crosstown Showdown has lost its luster with the players as of late, it’s still a media and fan spectacle when the Cubs and White Sox play one another.

The Sox hold the 60-58 edge of the Cubs in the 118 meetings they’ve had since 1997. So you could say the Sox deserve to have some bragging rights — at least for now.

The Cubs will have their chance at redemption when the two teams meet next on June 18 at Wrigley Field.

Delmonico encouraged the crowd to come out and be loud for the series this season.

“Whenever the Cubs play at our home,” Delmonico said, “y’all literally have to give them hell.”