Melissa Cicola, from San Diego, and John Ciclola, from Prescott Arizona, crawl under the gate and walk up the road to see what they can see on foot as Arches National Park in Utah remains closed due to the partial government shutdown on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019. (Rick Egan/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP)

Federal workers don’t think shutdown is a good idea

SHARE Federal workers don’t think shutdown is a good idea
SHARE Federal workers don’t think shutdown is a good idea

A lot of people face financial hardships because they are not getting paid during President Donald Trump’s shutdown, which he has said could last a very long time. Yet he makes the ridiculous claim that most of the 800,000 deprived federal workers support his withholding of government services and their paychecks because they agree with funding a multi-billion-dollar border wall, even if means they can’t pay their bills.

He wouldn’t want to ask 800,000 people about making such a sacrifice because the majority would tell him he’s nuts. He might even find that some of those unpaid dissenters once voted for him.

Ed Stone, Northbrook

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Beyond words

The most unsettling thing about this most recent government shutdown is the fact that the man who is controlling it, and who has put 800,000 Americans out of work work, has never himself wondered where his next meal was coming from. For a man with the riches of Donald Trump and all his ill-gotten gains, to put middle-class Americans out of work, and then state that these workers are happy that they’re NOT getting paychecks, is beyond words!

Louis DeRosa, Westchester

Bears game

After the Bears game, our kicker said he just wanted to go home because his dog doesn’t care if he made a field goal or not. At least we know the dog is safe. If he tried to kick it, he’d miss.

Larry Niemi, Loop

Legalized bribery

The Democratic House Bill HR1 was plain in its statement that Citizens United is both wrong and damaging to our democracy.

In the book “Can American Capitalism Survive?” The author is blunt:

“The only difference between the current campaign finance system and a governing system based on bribery is merely one of semantics. Those with money can — and routinely do — buy votes, buy politicians, buy legislation and buy regulations.

“None of this would have happened but for activist judges on the Supreme Court who have gradually chipped away at limits on political money enacted by the elected branches of government. Under the guise of protecting free speech, the Court has now created a constitutional right to bribe elected officials.”

Will it take an activist, liberal court to abolish this tyranny?

Lee Knohl, Evanston

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