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Goose Island shares details for 43-yard field-goal challenge inspired by Parkey

Cody Parkey reacts after missing a field goal attempt in the final moments of a 16-15 playoff loss to the Eagles. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Calling all “armchair kickers.”

Think you would’ve made the Bears’ game-winning field goal? Goose Island Brewing Co. doesn’t and is willing to put a year of free beer on the line to prove you wrong.

Since actions speak louder than tweets, Goose Island is giving cocky fans the opportunity to back their statements that they would’ve made Cody Parkey’s tipped 43-yard field goal attempt, which would’ve given the Bears a win over the Eagles on Sunday.

UPDATE: Goose Island offers new prize for field goal challenge: Trip to Super Bowl LIII

In a promotion inspired by Parkey’s now-infamous miss, Goose Island plans to set up field goal posts outside their taproom, 1800 W. Fulton St. Patrons, who are 21 or older, can take their shot at kicking a 43-yard field goal on Saturday.

Sign up opens at 12 p.m., but the Chicago brewing company warns that spots are limited. Kickoff will be at 1 p.m.

If you manage to make it, you’ll win free beer for a year.

“All you pro athletes can come out and prove us wrong,” Goose Island tweeted.