‘IT’ pop-up at Replay Lincoln Park promises everyone will float down here

The arcade bar will be dressing up for Halloween again — this time in honor of Stephen King’s horror classic and its films.

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IT artwork

Ready for a Halloween treat? Replay Lincoln Park will launch an “IT” pop-up Oct. 11.

Replay Lincoln Park

Grab your slingshot and silver, and whatever you do — don’t look into the dead lights.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the villain from Stephen King’s horror novel “IT” and its films, will be terrorizing the Losers Club and any Chicagoans brave enough to enter Replay Lincoln Park, 2833 N. Sheffield Ave., Oct. 11 when the bar launches an “IT” pop-up.

Through Oct. 31, the arcade bar will transform into Derry, Maine, the fictional New England town where Pennywise terrorizes and murders children for one year before returning to sleep for 27 years. Custom artwork and 80s-themed decor will set the mood as bar-goers play pinball and skee ball among images of Pennywise and “losers” Bill, Beverly, Ritchie, Eddie, Mike, Ben and Stan.

Those brave enough to enter will encounter a recreation of the house near the train yard at 29 Neibolt Street where the Losers fight Pennywise, and they’ll have to navigate their way through a fun house.

Specialty cocktails include This is It, a black vodka and cherry juice soda with pearl dust garnish, and The S.S. Georgie, a rye old fashioned with a Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco float.

Replay will keep the horror going with events, including “IT” trivia, A Derry Afternoon Day Party, costume contests and karaoke.

Get ready to brave the sewers and confront Pennywise himself — but remember, you’ll float down there, too.

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