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First hunting trip comes up Buck of the Week

Zach Meade’s first hunting trip came up with a Buck of the Week.

Zach Meade’s first hunting trip was very successful.

Kelli Wagner tweeted the story of her 14-year-old nephew, Zach Meade, arrowing this buck south of Downstate Casey on Veteran’s Day morning. The young man from Streamwood, on his first hunting trip, was with his dad, Kevin, and two uncles, Eric Meade and Steve Wagner.

``Four or five bucks came out of a tall grass field through a tree fence line into a soybean field,’’ Kelli Wagner tweeted. ``He let them all make their way up and picked out the largest of the bunch! This was a 10-yard shot from a 20-foot tree stand.’’

He also arrowed a doe on the weekend. As his aunt tweeted, ``#venisonforever.’’

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A view from the field of Zach Meade with his first buck.