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Is Valentine’s Day big business? Here’s the holiday by the numbers

| stock image via Pixabay

Whether it’s a made-up Hallmark holiday or not, Americans will spend more on Valentine’s Day than last year.

The National Retail Federation reports Americans will spend about $2 billion on flowers this year, about 10% of what people pay for Valentine’s Day gifts. And since those flowers don’t deliver themselves, UPS estimates it will deliver 88 million flowers to significant others, spouses or family members on the big day. That’s about 8 million pounds — or 514,000 boxes.


About 55 percent of people will celebrate on Wednesday, the NRF estimates, and the average person will spend about $161.96, roughly $9 more than 2017.

The majority of the $20.7 billion to be shelled out this year will be spent on spouses or significant others — $12.1 billion.

Together, Americans will spend the most on jewelry — about $4.7 billion — and an evening out — $3.5 billion.

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