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ENDORSEMENT: Gregory I. Mitchell for 7th Ward alderman

Ald. Greg Mitchell is the incumbent in the aldermanic race in the 7th Ward. | Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times

South, Southeast Side

Stable leadership is needed in this ward, which has had an aldermanic revolving door since Sandi Jackson got caught up in a corruption scandal and resigned in 2013. Incumbent Greg Mitchell is our pick for a second term in this ward that includes South Shore, Calumet Heights and Jeffery Manor. Mitchell has a chance to build on accomplishments that include $15 million in infrastructure improvements, a project to deal with flooding in the south end of the ward, $11.8 million in renovations for Bouchet School, and more town halls and block clubs. But Mitchell’s got to make sure constituents get basic services that allow for a decent quality of life: There’s no excuse for inaction after repeated 3-1-1 calls about broken street lights. Meanwhile, we’re impressed with the community commitment of challenger Jedidiah Brown, one of a cadre of outspoken millennial activists. Educator Charles Kyle is also running.



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