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ENDORSEMENT: Colin Bird-Martinez for 31st Ward alderman

31st Ward aldermanic candidate Colin Bird-Martinez at the Sun-Times Jan. 11. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Milly Santiago is best known for whining she was just a “poor alderman” when the city’s Board of Ethics prohibited her from buying coveted World Series tickets from the Cubs — worth thousands of dollars on the secondary market — at face value. Santiago’s salary at the time, in 2016, was $116,208 a year. She added to her image problem by complaining the tickets weren’t that good. They were, she said, “all the way in the upper deck.” How does a freshman alderman, who has not otherwise distinguished herself, come to feel entitled so quickly? Our endorsement goes to Colin Bird-Martinez, an automotive analyst and busy community organizer. He co-founded the Hermosa Neighborhood Association, which has advocated for affordable housing and infrastructure improvements, such as better paved streets. He served on a local school council and is active in Reclaim Chicago, a group that has campaigned for progressive candidates countywide. Also running is Felix Cardona Jr.



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