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ENDORSEMENT: Joe Moore for 49th Ward alderman

49th Ward incumbent Ald. Joe Moore. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Far North Side

Ald. Joe Moore has consistently delivered results for this diverse ward, which includes Rogers Park and West Ridge. He deserves credit for bringing in more affordable housing, including a public-private development on Sheridan Road that includes a new Target store. He’s championed community policing and more block clubs to help curb crime. And the Chicago Police Department’s 24th District headquarters, which is in the ward, is getting a new Strategic Deployment Center with new surveillance cameras and other high-tech crime-fighting gear. Moore’s has been an outspoken progressive voice for policies in support of working people, including a higher minimum wage and paid sick leave. He has been knocked by critics for growing closer to Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the years, but he rightly says it was the mayor who did more of the moving. “I haven’t changed,” Moore told us. “The political situation in the city changed.” Moore’s challenger in this race is Maria Hadden, a nonprofit executive with a solid record of community service.



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