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ENDORSEMENT: Patrick Daley Thompson for 11th Ward alderman

11th Ward aldermanic candidate and incumbent Patrick Daley Thompson meets with the Sun-Times Editorial Board Jan. 18. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Southwest Side

Patrick Daley Thompson, whom we endorse, has been a more than credible alderman in his first four years. The fact that he’s a Daley doesn’t much matter either way with us. He’s been doing the ward basics, such as spending $500,000 of his aldermanic menu money to place 19 crime-surveillance cameras, remotely controlled by the police, throughout the ward. He has invested TIF money in three public schools. He worked with the mayor’s office to build an $8 million annex at the Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy. Service requests by ward residents now can be made online, and Thompson has extended his ward office hours. Also running is David Mihalyfy, an assisted living aide.



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