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ENDORSEMENT: Patricia ‘Pat’ Dowell for 3rd Ward alderman

3rd Ward aldermanic candidate and incumbent Pat Dowell. | Rich Hein / Sun-Times

Near South Side

Pat Dowell’s pragmatic leadership has been a plus for this ward, which includes Bronzeville, and parts of Washington Park and the South Loop. Parks and infrastructure in her ward have been upgraded, new businesses have popped up, and a onetime food desert now has a major grocery store, with another reportedly in the works. Dowell is our pick to continue the difficult work of revitalizing a ward that must curb crime — a big concern among residents — and bring in more economic development. It’s also worth noting that Dowell continues to advocate for affordable housing and is refreshingly honest about the difficult choices the next mayor and City Council will have to make to put the city’s financial house in order. She is endorsed over challenger Alexandria Willis, a nurse and public health advocate.



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