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Wind gusts up to 40 mph expected Sunday across Chicago area

Sun-Times file photo | Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Timesa

Heavy winds are expected to continue pushing through the Chicago area Sunday, with gusts reaching up to 40 mph at some points, the National Weather Service said.

The “very windy” conditions are expected through the early evening, according to the weather service. As a result, a hazardous weather outlook will remain in effect Sunday for much of northern Illinois and northwest Indiana.

The winds should gradually die down over the next couple days, the weather service said.

A daytime high of 38 degrees is in the forecast Sunday before temperatures drop to 25 degrees at night, the weather service said. Cloudy skies are expected to partially clear up by Monday, though wind gusts may still reach up to 20 mph.

Monday’s temperatures will stay about the same, the weather service said.