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24 free bikes are being hidden around Chicago — here’s how to unlock them

Goose Island Beer Co. is celebrating 312 Day, a "totally real made-up holiday" by offering 24 free bikes in a citywide scavenger hunt. | Screengrab via Twitter

Goose Island Beer Co. admits “312 Day” is a “totally real made-up holiday” — but they are offering free prizes nonetheless.

Starting at midnight Monday and continuing through Tuesday, the Chicago brewery is hiding a bike in a different location once every hour. The 24 bikes will be free to whoever who finds them. Goose Island will post clues to the bikes’ location on Twitter and Instagram.

The bikes, which have a black frame, golden rims and the words “Goose Island” inscribed on them, can be unlocked with this code: 03120.

The local brewery launched 312 Day — named for its urban wheat ale — in 2013, when fans of Goose Island recreated a scene from the 2009 film, “500 Days of Summer,” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since then, Goose Island has also parodied the “Friends” theme song in a video.

The company received national attention in January when it challenged fans to kick a 43-yard field goal after Bears kicker Cody Parkey dashed the team’s chances of advancing in the playoffs by missing a kick of that distance. (No fan was able to make it, either.)

As for Goose Island’s latest contest, one person on Facebook expressed concern that the scavenger hunt could be ruined if the bicycles were stolen. Goose Island’s response? “Can’t steal it if it’s free.”

Don’t need a bike? Sell it. A “rare” bike from the brewery that was given out previously is being sold on Ebay for $425.