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Bears safety Eddie Jackson makes big money in performance-based pay

Bears safety Eddie Jackson was a first-team all-pro. | Nam Y. Huh/AP photo

Bears safety Eddie Jackson went to his first Pro Bowl and received his first all-pro honor in 2018.

Also, he made a lot of extra money.

Jackson was awarded $323,451 in extra performance-based pay, the NFL announced Thursday, ranking him 11th among all NFL players. Add in the $111,573 he received through the league’s veteran pool, and Jackson’s $435,024 total almost matches his $555,000 base salary from 2018.

Bears center Cody Whitehair received an extra $118,320 as part of the league’s veteran performance-based pay pool.

Performance-based pay is distributed annually through an NFL program and rewards players who received an outsized amount of playing time relative to their base salaries. The league’s veteran pool is calculated similarly.

The financial awards do not count against the Bears’ salary cap.