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ENDORSEMENT: Stephanie D. Coleman for alderman in 16th Ward runoff

16th Ward aldermanic candidate Stephanie Coleman meets with the Sun-Times Editorial Board on March 13, 2019. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

In this heavily gerrymandered ward on the Southwest Side, we endorse Stephanie D. Coleman with every hope she will be her own boss and not just carry water for her mother, pastor and former alderman Shirley Coleman. Stephanie Coleman has been the ward’s Democratic committeeman since 2016, a job in which she claims to have provided an array of constituent services, such as organizing “trunk parties” — supply-gathering efforts — for young people going off to college.

We don’t see Coleman, 31, blazing new ground in the City Council. But, then again, the incumbent she’s challenging, Toni L. Foulkes, has done nothing much along those lines, or along any lines.

In the meantime, Coleman shows real energy and a sincere interest in delivering those constituent services.


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