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2 North Shore communities among nation’s wealthiest

Kenilworth is the nation's eighth-richest ZIP code, according to a Bloomberg analysis. | Courtesy of the village of Kenilworth

In the words of the late TV host Robin Leach, it’s the kind of town that might inspire “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”

Kenilworth, along the swanky North Shore, is listed as one of America’s very richest ZIP codes, according to a Bloomberg analysis of IRS data for ZIP codes with more than 200 tax returns as of the 2015 filing season.

Kenilworth, home to countless stately mansions, came in at No. 8 with an average adjusted gross income of $861,000. Also making the top 20 was Glencoe, which snagged the No. 19 spot with an average AGI of $633,700.

Miami Beach, Florida, took the top spot ($2.5 million), with Atherton, California, was second ($1.5 million) and Palm Beach, Florida, ($1.3 million) was third.

Neighborhoods in California and the New York tri-state area made up the majority of the 20 richest ZIP codes, according to Bloomberg.