‘Keep talking Trump, it only makes McCain’s legacy shine brighter’

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President Donald Trump is not backing down from his longstanding criticism of the late Sen. John McCain. | AP photo

‘Keep talking Trump, it only makes McCain’s legacy shine brighter’

John McCain must have been a formidable foe indeed for President Donald Trump to continue to insult the late U.S Senator seven months after his death.

It’s pretty obvious why Trump continues to hate McCain. McCain possessed qualities Trump only wishes he had.

McCain was a man of patriotism, dignity, bravery, integrity and high ideals who never feared standing up to Trump. What qualities does Trump have? He’s an inept, incompetent, stupid, ignorant, miserable excuse of a president whose first priority is always himself. McCain had more class in his little finger than Trump and his entire family have in their entire bodies.

Oh, and regarding Trump’s dig at McCain finishing last in his class at the Naval Academy? McCain graduated 5th from the bottom of his class but in the end it meant absolutely nothing. He answered his country’s call to serve in the military and he did so with distinction and honor. Whereas Trump begged off military service with a “medical” diagnosis of bone spurs.

Trump is inferior to McCain in every way. Keep talking Trump, it only makes McCain’s legacy shine brighter.

Fred Tomasek Jr., Lansing 

Mueller report doesn’t find Russian collusion, still unanswered questions 

With the conclusion of the Mueller report, even with no finding of collusion, there are still a number of unanswered questions with obstruction being a major one.

But putting that aside, there is another conclusion to be drawn as a result of the report’s findings.

If President Donald Trump did indeed win the election fair and square, it seems evident that there has been a lot of subjugated hate in this country, both racist and xenophobic which now seems to have been openly displayed over the last two years. Maybe the president isn’t “guilty” of any criminal behavior but we might be hard put to make that assessment of many others in America.

Dan Pupo, Orland Park

U.S., learn from New Zealand and ban assault rifles

My heart broke when I first learned of the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand that took 50 lives. The sorrow lessened with New Zealand’s quick action to ban assault rifles in response to the massacre.

It only took New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern SIX DAYS!

Sadly, all we can do for the lives that have been lost is pray. However, we can do something about the lives that have yet to be snuffed by the potent combination of hatred and access to military-style weapons. That’s what Ardern and elected officials across the political aisle did.

We may never be able to count the lives that will be saved by this wise, measured and compassionate decision. But they will indeed, be spared. Why? Because the gun that would otherwise have taken a life in the future won’t exist anymore in New Zealand.

That same killing weapon will always have a welcome home in America.

What did the United States of America do in six days or six months or six years following the slaughter of high school students attending classes in Florida, or the revelers enjoying a concert in Las Vegas, or the precious, beautiful, innocent first and second graders in Connecticut?

Nothing. How pathetic. How very sad. How utterly incomprehensible.

Thank you, New Zealand. Thank you for saying NO to one more senseless death caused by one more senseless gun. Maybe, just maybe, you will show America how it’s done and more importantly why it must be done.

Michael DeSantiago, Niles 

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