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Harvest Bible Chapel donations down 40%

James MacDonald, senior pastor and founder, was fired in February by Harvest Bible Chapel. | Daily Herald photo

Donations to Harvest Bible Chapel are down by as much as 40 percent since the firing in February of founding Pastor James MacDonald.

The decline has led the Rolling Meadows-based church to cut weekly operational spending by about $100,000, or nearly 25 percent, according to a statement posted on the church website by its interim leaders. It did so by eliminating some ministries and cutting staff members, elders said in response to a congregant’s question posted on the website.

The church has not detailed which staff members or ministries were cut. But since MacDonald’s firing, others have resigned, including two lead pastors who are MacDonald’s sons, its Elgin campus pastor, and the assistant senior pastor. No new hires have been announced.



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