Psychic Laura Day teaching others how to build ‘intuitive muscles’

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Author Laura Day at Soho House in the West Loop neighborhood on Feb. 28, 2019. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Laura Day is quite the combo platter – as a best-selling author who travels the globe consulting Fortune 500 companies, the self-confessed “neurotic Jewish middle-aged mother” is also a psychic – a term she used to loathe but now celebrates.

“I was allergic to the word ‘psychic’ for the longest time,” said Day during a recent Chicago visit. “Now I embrace it because I have met so many ethical practitioners who are evidence based psychics so you can validate what they do.”

And evidence is at the core of Day’s success. Her own intuition told her to sell all of her stocks two weeks before the market crashed in 2008, saving her millions of dollars, she says. With many high-powered clients on retainer, Day also travels the country to teach and coach others to build their own intuitive muscles.

“I want companies to use these tools. I want doctors to use these tools. I want researchers to use these tools. Because everything goes faster and better when you use these tools.”

But things haven’t always been easy for Day. She survived a tragic childhood that included her mother’s suicide two days after her 14th birthday, and would later be faced with the suicide of both her sister and brother. It was the trauma, she says, that contributed to her expanded intuitive abilities.

“There’s psychic, and then there’s psychotic, and luckily my brain took what I was dealt and it helped me really open up,” Day said. “I was under such assault from the moment I was born that intuition was my survival skill.”

The term “psychic” has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons these days — from TV show host John Oliver’s recent rant, to a New York Times Magazine report where skeptics created fake Facebook accounts in an effort to prove mediums research the crowd. But Day, isn’t phased.

“There are frauds in every career – doctors, lawyers, and yes, psychics and mediums,” she said. “But the bad psychics shouldn’t make us throw out the baby with the bath water. We are all psychics. We are born with this ability. There is a lot of scientific research for precognition on telepathy, on mediumship, even on near-death experiences. What there isn’t enough of is research on how we can apply it in our daily life, so that’s what I teach.”

Psychic and best-selling author Laura Day at Soho House in the West Loop neighborhood, on Feb. 28, 2019. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Psychic and best-selling author Laura Day at Soho House in the West Loop neighborhood, on Feb. 28, 2019. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Here are some of Day’s tips to activate your own intuition and create positive changes in your life.

Make it a habit

Deciding to use your intuition is a “conscious choice” to change your behavior, Day said.

“It’s really about attitude,” she said. “Are you working to evolve, whatever that means for you because we all have a different path, or are you working to manipulate what’s around you so you don’t have to? You don’t need a two-year, expensive training program to do this. These are innate skills. You need to make a decision, flip a switch and then you need to be consistent in practicing that new way of being.”

Watch your words

Day said if there’s something you want or need more of in your life, you should change the wording from “I want” to “I have.”

“If you focus on ‘I want’, you are reinforcing wanting rather than having. So try switching that to ‘I have’ or ‘I am’ or ‘I embrace.’” Day said. “Instead of saying, ‘I want to be in love’, try ‘I am in love’. It’s a simple shift but it changes the energy of the statement, and we’re all made of energy.”

Deal in and give back

“Selfishness is an illness,” Day said. “Purpose is the number one life saver. People without purpose die more quickly than people who smoke or people who are overweight. And we lack purpose because we’ve lost the idea of mentors and generosity. And we don’t have community. Find like-minded people and you will start a chain reaction where generosity and gratitude come back to you.”

Make space for the new

Day said your new reality can’t show up until you are ready to let go of your old reality.

“Notice the sad or angry memory that you always go back to, because we all have a few of them,” Day said. “Ask yourself – in this situation – what did you want or need? Then give it to yourself now. We spend so much time focusing on the past and ignoring the present. Be in the moment.”

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