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Relatives of Harvey officials charged with shaking down strip club owner: feds

Six people have been charged in a federal probe of corruption in Harvey. | Google Maps

Two people related to high-ranking Harvey officials are accused by the feds of shaking down a strip club owner.

In all, six people were charged Wednesday as part of an ongoing federal investigation of alleged corruption in Harvey government, the Justice Department said.

The FBI raided the Harvey Police Department on Wednesday.

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Federal authorities said they uncovered three separate schemes:

• Cousins Rommell Kellogg, 66, and Corey Johnson, 63, both of Harvey, are accused of threatening to have the city shut down a Harvey strip club if the owner didn’t pay. The feds allege that in exchange for the payments, city officials let the club operate while knowing that prostitution was taking place onsite.

• Harvey Police officers Derrick Muhammad, 70, of South Holland, and Derrick Moore, 48, of Blue Island, are accused of falsifying a police report to protect two friends from possibly facing firearms charges.

• Donald Luster, 55, of Dixmoor, and Will Wiley, 56, of Harvey, are accused of soliciting bribes from a towing company owner. The feds say Luster, who was a private consultant to Harvey, and Wiley sought payments in return for a lease to land owned by the city of Harvey. An official lease was never provided, the feds say.

FBI agents arrived at the Harvey Police Department, 15301 Dixie Highway, on Wednesday morning, a spokesman for Harvey Mayor Eric J. Kellogg’s office said.

“This morning the Federal Investigators entered the Harvey Police Department,” Kellogg said in a statement. “I have informed the Chief of Police to cooperate fully with the investigators.”

Kellogg said that his administration will “refrain from making any further comment” because “there is an apparent ongoing investigation.”


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