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Throwing cheese on babies’ faces is the newest internet challenge

The newest internet challenge involves adults throwing slices of cheese onto a baby's face and recording their reaction for social media. | Michael Tsang via Twitter

We’ve had our fair share of interesting social media challenges from the dangerous (eating Tide pods) to the ridiculous (convincing people they were invisible).

Now people are throwing slices of cheese on babies’ faces in the name of social media.

The newest cheese challenge involves adults flinging a slice of cheese (mostly the yellow kind) onto an unsuspecting baby’s face and recording their reaction for social media.

In a now deleted Facebook video, Michigan father Charles Amara uploaded a video of himself carrying a slice of cheese and tossing it onto his kid’s face leaving the toddler understandably shocked and confused.

“You asked for it, here it is! Attack of the cheese Episode 2. He wasn’t happy after this one,” Amara captioned the post (there was an Episode 1? ).

The video went viral when it was reposted to Twitter by a person who goes by the name of @unclehxlmes. It has since received over 10 million views. The Twitter user deleted the video shortly after, saying that it “got way out of hand.”

“I have spoken with the child’s mother and explained why I have deleted it,” he wrote.

People followed suit anyway and began tossing their own cheese slices at their offspring or younger siblings and recording their reactions.

Some people have even taken it to greater lengths, throwing entire cheeseburgers at (thankfully) older people.

Other people felt like maybe it was too disrespectful to throw a slice of cheese at a baby so they tossed it at their cat instead.