Dozens already have requested to visit R. Kelly in jail, with many sending money

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R. Kelly’s booking photo after being arrested Wednesday for $161,663 in unpaid child support. | Photo provided by Cook County Sheriffs Office

The Kelly file . . . 

Well. Well. Well.

Do tell.

There may be no appearance yet of a “get-out-of jail” card for alleged sexual assault offender R. Kelly, who is back in the hoosegow at Cook County jail dressed in an orange jumpsuit for $166,000-plus in unpaid child support payments.

But Sneed has learned there is already a long line of people queuing up to see him — and feed him.

On Thursday, Sneed is told, 66 people had already requested to visit R. Kelly at Cook County Jail, where he is being housed in isolation at the Cermak Hospital wing for the second time in less than a week.


“More than 200 people requested to visit Kelly during his last three-day stint in jail when he was charged with sexual abuse,” a jail source said.

In addition, Sneed is also told 12 individuals have put money in R. Kelly’s trust fund in amounts ranging from $5 to $150 for a total of $500 so he can buy food or goods from the jail’s commissary.

“Within hours, money was put on the books for him in prison,” said the source.

“Generally, where Kelly is being held in the psychiatric wing of the hospital — they cannot buy perishable foods,” the source said.

“Prisoners held there are generally served a special kind of menu.”

“Kelly is also being held in the psychiatric wing under 24-hour observation,” said the source.


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Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, said of his client, “This guy is totally frustrated, and his temper explosion during his interview with Gayle King on CBS was because he is under tremendous pressure and faced with the possibility of spending life in prison.”

“Personally in terms of the two girls (women) he loves and lives with (ages 20 and 23), they are not slaves chained to a wall,” he added.

“He is not holding them hostage. This is no Stockholm syndrome. I’ve been with all of them at Trump Tower, where they live and they come and go freely,” said Greenberg.

“The last time I was there, they had both gone out … they were not escorted … they were free and they were not with Kelly. They had gone out for food and come back with Chipotle. No one else was with them!”

“So much stuff … wrong stuff … is out there. I know in the last few weeks, a process has begun for a reach out with the parents of the girls, who I guess want to meet them (their daughters) in a public place with law enforcement present.

So how does R. Kelly afford to live at Trump Tower and not pay child support?

“He’s got big money problems,” added Greenberg. “They won’t stream his music or book his shows because people who control the arenas cancel the use of the arenas. He gets paid in huge chunks when the money comes and large lump sums and advances enabled him to pay in advance for his ability to live at Trump Tower,” he said.

There ya go.

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