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American Airlines limits emotional support animals to dogs, cats

A purported service dog travels first class. | THINKSTOCK.COM

American Airlines is making more changes to its policies and procedures regarding service and emotional support animals.

With the recent story of a 5-year-old getting injured by an “emotional support” pit bull and other headline-making incidents, several airlines, including United and Delta, have already tightened restrictions on their animal policies.

In a press release Friday, American outlined their changes, which include the requirement of a veterinary health form that lists the animal’s vaccination details. Animals under 4 months will also no longer be permitted to travel.

The airline states a service animal must be a trained dog, cat or “in some limited circumstances” a miniature horse, whereas emotional support animals are limited only to either a dog or cat. A customer may bring only one animal on board.

These changes will go into effect April 1.

The airline stated the goal of the changes is to “protect customers who have a legitimate need as well as the team members who work every day to keep all customers safe.”

American previously made changes to their policies on emotional support animals in May 2018.