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Tom Brady’s first tweet is an April Fools’ joke about retiring

Tom Brady joined Twitter on April Fool's Day of all days. | Elsa/Getty Images

In another example of how he was superior to many of us normal folks, Tom Brady eschewed using Twitter for the entirety of his adult life. However, the Patriots quarterback decided to make the leap on April Fools’ Day, and he did it with what’s either a very obvious joke or one of the worst retirement announcements of all-time.

Okay. Sure.

Brady, who’s coming off another Super Bowl victory with the Patriots in February, has been on Instagram for a while. He already has over six million followers there, where he posts a mix of photos and videos largely with his teammates and family. (Then again, he’s still being crushed by his wife, Gisele Bundchen, who has over 15.3 million followers on Instagram.)

It might take him a while to catch up to either of those numbers – even though he’s already amassed over 24,000 followers as of this writing.

Brady, 41, is expected to return as the Patriots’ starting quarterback later this year. It will be his 20th season in the NFL.