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Chicago Sky share first look at 2019 uniforms

Photo courtesy of WNBA

NEW YORK — One day after the WNBA revealed it new logo, the Chicago Sky gave fans on Wednesday a first look of their 2019 season uniforms.

There are several major changes to this season’s uniforms.

AT&T will have its logo on all 12 team’s jerseys. It’s the first time a non-apparel partner will have an add on the entire league’s uniforms.

Nike also changed the format of the front of the jerseys and replaced the players’ numbers with the team’s logo across the chest.

Though the new garb won’t have the updated league emblem due to lack of production time, the Sky’s uniforms will have the team’s new logo, which was announced in November as part of the Sky’s rebranding campaign. The team’s new crest pays tribute to the Windy City and features a gold-and-white Willis Tower profile in front of a Sky blue-and-gold basketball and hoop.

Lastly, it appears that the Sky will have an additional black-and-white uniform along with their classic sky blue and radiant yellow threads.

Take a look at the Sky’s uniform tease on Twitter:

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An official reveal of the league’s new garb will take place at Nike’s Headquarters in New York City ahead of Wednesday night’s draft in which the Sky hold the fourth overall pick.

The WNBA and Sky’s hope with their rebranding campaigns is that they will appeal to the next generation of fans.