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Truckers plan ‘slow roll’ expressway protest for Friday

AP file photo

Illinois State Police are warning truck drivers against a planned “slow roll” protest on Chicago-area expressways set for Friday morning.

A group of truckers started driving slowly on I-57 from Monee toward the Dan Ryan Expressway on Friday morning, according to state police. Officials initially said the group would be driving up the Tri-State tollway.

At least 15 truck drivers plan to drive to downtown Chicago, and then back again, according to Daniel Dorris, an organizer of the group Black Smoke Matters.

The truckers hope to bring attention to regulations in their industry.

“Our grievances are falling on deaf ears. We’re not getting results,” Dorris said.

The truckers plan to drive single-file in the right lane at the minimum posted speed limit and pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Center in Matteson, and then Trump Tower downtown, Dorris said.

State police warned the group that backups could cause traffic crashes and serious harm to other drivers. Police said that participating truckers could be held liable for resulting traffic crashes.

Dorris said the protest will be safe. He said there have been no crashes caused by “slow roll” protests he has helped organize over the last six months in Washington D.C., Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis.

The truckers are protesting for more flexible working hours, relaxed rules on “electronic logging devices,” more training for new semitrailer drivers and more truck parking and amenities along expressways, Dorris said.