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Late season snowstorm could bring up to 4 inches of slush

Chicago Department of Public Works snowplow kicks up a spray of slush as he clears streets in Chicago. | M. Spencer Green/AP file photo

A late-season snowstorm could drop as much as four inches of slush on Sunday across the Chicago area.

The National Weather Service said the storm was expected to bring 1-4 inches of “very wet and slushy snow” to northern Illinois and northwest Indiana, with the heaviest snowfall begining before sunrise and continuing through mid-afternoon.

Due to warm road temperatures and the strong April sun, little accumulation is expected on most roadways, the weather services said. However, slush may cover bridges and overpasses and less traveled roadways during the heaviest snowfall.

The biggest danger will be a lack of visibility during periods of heavy snowfall, the weather service said. Winds could also gust up to 35 mph at times during the storm.