The Chat Room is back, and there’s no better guest than Jimmy Butler

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Jimmy Butler smiling

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There are few topics former Bull Jimmy Butler won’t address.

You want to talk about his friendship with actor Mark Wahlberg? No problem. Want Butler’s comment on his old beef with Celtics guard Marcus Smart? Fine, he’ll tell you Smart’s “not about that life.’’ You want him to judge a coach? Wasn’t it Butler who said Fred Hoiberg needed to “coach harder’’?

Butler has gone from being “just a kid from Tomball, Texas’’ to embracing the idea of becoming Tony Montana and letting everyone know they can “say good night to the bad guy.’’

He has been traded from the Bulls to the Minnesota Timberwolves, then from the Timberwolves to the Philadelphia 76ers and has been unapologetic the entire way. Butler talks it and walks it, so of course he was the perfect candidate to take a seat, move under the hot spotlight and endure the Chat Room.

OK, Chicago deep-dish pizza, Philly cheesesteak or Minnesota hot dish, in order of best to worst?

Jimmy Butler: “Considering I’ve only had one of the three, I’ve got to go with the Philly cheesesteak first. Then I’m going with the deep-dish pizza because that’s my city, and then whatever was left from Minnesota.’’

Biggest misconception about Jimmy Butler?

JB: “Oh, that I’m an ass—- . . . every day of the week.’’

Favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?

JB: “ ‘Shooter.’ Bob Lee Swagger . . . easy.’’

(Side note: Teammate Amir Johnson chirps in: “That’s not his best one.’’)

JB: “Shut the hell up. He’s asking me, not you.’’

Your leadership style, is it tough love or tough [bleep]?

JB: “Tough everything. You gotta get used to it.’’

Where is all your Timberwolves gear?

JB: “[Bleep], it’s still in the closet . . . no lie.’’

Where are you playing next year?

JB: “Oh, that’s a good one. In the United States of America. Somewhere in the United States of America.’’

Who plays you in the Jimmy Butler movie, which will obviously be directed by Wahlberg?

JB: “Amir Johnson.’’

Who plays Thibs [former coach Tom Thibodeau]?

JB: “Nobody can play Thibs.’’

Who plays Bulls general manager Gar Forman and trades you?

JB: “The dude that played the Green Goblin.’’

Which Green Goblin?

JB: “The same dude that was in ‘Aquaman’ . . . he was loyal to the queen . . . what’s his name? Dafoe.’’

Willem Dafoe … he plays some trippy-looking characters.

JB: “Yeah, him. Book it.’’

Softer to the touch — a cat or KAT [Timberwolves big man

Karl-Anthony Towns]?

JB: [Smiles] “Pass . . . yeah, pass.’’ [Then laughs]

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