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Miracle on Water? Smelt on Chicago lakefront, yes, smelt on Chicago lakefront

Jef Walczak netted these rainbow smelt on Saturday night at Montrose Harbor.

Of all things improbable, Jef Walczak messaged Sunday afternoon, “Hey, Dale, finally a smelt night with some table fare. Got 73.”

You read that right, Walczak, one of the last regular chasers of rainbow smelt on the Chicago lakefront, netted more than a few Saturday night at his usual spot at Montrose Harbor. OK, it wasn’t a five-gallon bucket of them, but more than a tease.

“All between [11 p.m. to 1 a.m.], bottom of nets tight to the wall at Montrose,” he messaged.

To give an idea of the improbability, click here to read my column on overall prospects and opening night on April 1.