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Naperville’s Ribfest on the move for 2020

Naperville's Ribfest could move to Romeoville in 2020. | Daily Herald file photo

Ribfest organizers say they are finalizing plans to relocate Naperville’s iconic Fourth of July celebration to Romeoville in 2020.

The Exchange Club of Naperville announced Wednesday that it is entering final discussions with the village of Romeoville over a new home for the fest, per a recommendation from the Ribfest Relocation Team. A contract could be signed and approved “within a matter of weeks,” club President John Dunham said.

Ribfest has been held at Knoch Park in Naperville since its second season in 1989. Because of planned renovations to the downtown-area site, the Exchange Club was forced to search for a new location to host the festivities after this summer’s event, which has been dubbed the “Last Nights at Knoch.”

“Our goal for this summer is twofold: host an incredible Ribfest 2019, and secure a new home for Ribfest 2020 and beyond, so we can continue funding worthy agencies,” Dunham said in a written statement. “The discussions with the village of Romeoville are the next logical step.”

Ribfest 2019 is scheduled for July 3-6.

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