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Victory Gardens town hall will address sexual violence, #MuteRKelly

Kyra Jones (clockwise from top, left), Dr. Jeffrey Q. McCune Jr., Andrene Wright and Darletta Scruggs. | Provided

Victory Gardens Theater on Thursday announced “Town Hall: Black Girls, Sexual Violence and the #MuteRKelly Campaign,” a free event wherein “Chicago community members can join conversations about women of color, sexual violence, community-based prevention, and systemic structures that contribute to this pervasive problem.”

The gathering is open to the public and will take place at 6 p.m. May 16 at the theater, 2433 N. Lincoln.

Facilitators will include actress/screenwriter/sexual violence prevention educator Kyra Jones, Washington University professor Dr. Jeffrey Q. McCune Jr., community organizer and activist Darletta Scruggs, and Northwestern political science fellow Andrene Wright, along with local community leaders.

“As the R. Kelly sex abuse trial unfolds in Chicago, we hope this discussion will raise more awareness against sexual violence,” said Victory Gardens artistic director Chay Yew, via statement. “Abuse and assault against Black women and girls harms the entire community. We must do more than believe and stand with survivors. We must work together towards eliminating rape culture and seek systemic change.”

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